“This may be the single most important night of the campaign.”

In comparatives, thoughtless patterns on October 16, 2012 at 11:04 pm

I fell off the “daily” wagon pretty quickly, but this repeat of a nearly constant abuse (which has almost certainly been uttered tonight by others in addition to Brian Williams on “NBC Nightly News”) stirred me to action. As it stands so often, that gratuitous single may try to, but of course cannot, intensify the superlative most important. I could be charitable and say it’s just redundant, but I would so like to see the single doing the job the speakers want it to do: ‘the most important single night.’

Come to think of it, I doubt even the pundits uttering this easy mess think that the presidential debate is going to be more important than the night they will spend enticing us to stay up all night counting ballots.


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