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“This Will Be the Best Reality TV on Television”

In redundancy again, thoughtless patterns on October 19, 2012 at 2:48 am

This subtitle is actually attached to an amazingly clever and well-constructed article. Yes, it’s another under my byline, so I get to whine about editors. It was also written and submitted when the future tense (which wasn’t mine either) was appropriate to the main title, “Next [now Last, but I realize it fits in two ways, which would have been fun] Presidential Debate.”

Never mind. Brighter lights in bigger venues than this have committed the redundancy of packing both acronym and its full form into a single sentence or phrase. It’s hardly worth taking note of the number of times each day I hear ‘X a.m. in the morning.” At the same time, this subject gives me a chance to tell of a family-favorite exchange from the heat of an argument: (Parent) ‘You’re being redundant.’ (Enraged middle-schooler) ‘Redundant back to you!

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